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Deadline Nears for Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design


Discovery Institute's third annual Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design are still accepting applications, and the deadline has been extended to April 30. The seminars have been a great experience for all involved (click here to listen to a report about the program from some former participants), and we expect this year to be no different.

The program is an incredible opportunity for students to spend 9 days learning about intelligent design from top ID thinkers such as Stephen Meyer, Jonathan Wells, Richard Sternberg, Jay Richards, Doug Axe, John West, and many others. The program's website, including the online application, can be found here: discovery.org/summerseminar

To briefly give some details, the program runs from July 10-18 and it is free for those who are accepted into the program. The program focuses on science but also covers the social impacts of the debate over evolution and ID. In fact, there are two tracks in the program: one for science majors and another for those in the social sciences that focuses more on the philosophy / law / social dimensions of the debate.

The Application: Note that students must apply to be accepted into the program, and only graduate students or undergraduates at the junior-class-level or above are accepted. More applications are submitted than there are spots available, but don't let that discourage you from applying -- in fact, if you're interested, this means you should apply ASAP. The application deadline has been extended until April 30, and there is an online application at the link above (discovery.org/summerseminar). All you need for the application is to fill out the requested information and provide the following four items:

1. A copy of your resume;
2. A letter of recommendation from an ID-friendly source;
3. A copy of your academic transcript;
4. A short (one page) statement of your interest in ID within your field of study.
All this information is explained at the Online Application. Please also note that Discovery Institute carefully screens applicants to ensure both high quality and high confidentiality for those who participate.

Check out the links above and consider applying by April 30!