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John West in The Washington Post:
Who Wants to Discuss Science in the Debate Over Evolution?

In all the excitement of the debate over Texas science standards last week, one thing was made eminently clear: generally speaking, there is one side of this debate that focuses on the science at hand, and another side that keeps bringing up religion.

Contrary to the stereotype (but not the actual experience of those who care to see things as they actually are), it's the Darwinists in this debate who keep wanting to talk about religion. People who question Darwin's theory want to talk about the scientific evidence for and against it, as John West explains in The Washington Post's "On Faith" blog:

Evolutionists typically cast themselves as the champions of secular reason against superstition, but in Texas they tried to inject religion into the debate at every turn.

Indeed, this past week it seemed that they couldn't stop talking about religion. They boasted about their credentials as Sunday School teachers and church elders. They quoted the Bible and appealed to theology. And, of course, they attacked the religious beliefs of their opponents, branding them religious fundamentalists.

By contrast, supporters of teaching the "strengths and weaknesses" of evolution focused mostly on science, not religion. They even had a procession of Ph.D. biologists and science teachers testify before the Board of Education about their scientific skepticism of key parts of modern evolutionary theory.

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