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Mansfield Mans Up in Critique of Evolution

Harvard University's Harvey Mansfield has an excellent critique of evolution published by Forbes.com, where he is more commonly debating feminism or discussing Solzhenitsyn. In a book review of Men: Evolutionary and Life History, Mansfield takes a look at the moral implications of Darwinian theory when applied to the obvious differences between the sexes:

What ought a man to do, given this discrepancy between men and women? Like many scientists, Bribiescas lives under the yoke of a crude positivism which denies that scientific fact has any ethical implications. "Darwinian evolutionary theory does not support any moral stance." But of course it does. The trouble is not that Darwinian theory has no implications, but that it contradicts itself with two opposing implications.

While he's never been afraid of ruffling the feathers of the politically correct, Mansfield is a serious scholar who knows what he's saying:

Evolutionary theory is at odds with itself: It cannot accept that man is a special being, raised above all others in evolutionary history, and it cannot deny that only man is capable of science, which allows him to transcend his animal selfishness. In closing, I note that I have made no reference to religion but only brought out the inner contradiction of Darwinism.

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