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Evolution Researcher Sees Scientific Challenges to Darwin's Theory in 2009

[Editor's Note: Douglas Axe is actually a molecular biologist, not a microbiologist. And it's been pointed out that the quote I used from Axe's piece that describes the Darwinian story as requiring 400 million years had a context -- the supposed evolution of a proto-insect into a wide variety of insect life forms. However, the way I presented it makes it sound like the whole of Darwinian evolution was only supposed to require 400 million years, which wasn't what Axe was saying.]

As the number of celebrations of Darwin and his theory mount ad nauseam, one evolution researcher suggests that the emperor has no clothes. Douglas Axe, a microbiologist and director of the Biologic Institute, has posted an article pointing out that a bold generation of up and coming young scientists is likely to dethrone Darwin's theory for lack of evidence. Axe's own area of expertise is the origin and evolution of proteins and protein systems, so he examines one recent paper to see what sorts of challenges to Darwinian evolution the next generation will be discussing for years to come. He reviews the paper, penned by Darwinists as a way to show how the theory works, and finds that:

The Darwinian story hopes to explain all the remarkable transformations within 400 million years, but the math shows that it actually explains no remarkable transformation in that time.
Read the full piece on the BI site.