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Discovery Institute Responses to PBS/NOVA's "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial" Movie

As their birthday gift to Charles Darwin, yesterday many PBS stations apparently re-aired the "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial" movie that they first released in November, 2007. The "documentary" purports to re-tell the story of the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial, but it portrays an extremely inaccurate, biased, and one-sided view of the case. In this regard, below are some links to responses to the "Judgment Day" that Discovery Institute produced when it first came out in 2007:

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  • The Truth about the Kitzmiller v. Dover Trial

  • PBS Encouraging Teachers to Violate the First Amendment's Establishment Clause, Discovery Institute Reports

  • Who's on Trial? A Look at NOVA's Judgment Day [ID the Future Podcast]

  • Paula Apsell's Lessons Not Learned from the History of Science