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Darwin Day Poll Elicits Response From Richard Dawkins

This morning the Washington Post's "On Faith" blog picked up the news about the national Darwin Day poll making waves for teaching evolution, even paying us a nice compliment or two while re-imagining history (for the record, DI's ed policy has always been to teach the controversy). But the really interesting thing is that they wanted an "expert" opinion on the poll (besides the professionals at Zogby) and so they turned to -- who else? -- Richard Dawkins:

"It is indeed a stupid poll," Dr. Richard Dawkins, the famous evolutionary biologist (and On Faith panelist) told me in an email. "Actually I think I'd say a dishonest poll -- because the QUESTION PRESUMES that there is scientific evidence against evolution. Of course, if we have a theory where there is evidence for and against, it would be ridiculous to teach only the evidence in favour.
Leaving aside the irony that Dawkins is a panelist for a blog "On Faith," allow him to explain why, in his view, it's stupid to think that there might be evidence against evolution:
"Now, if there really is evidence against evolution, the Discovery Institute should go into the laboratory, or the field, and find it, and publish it in the scientific journals. Instead, they mislead the public, by phrasing a question which presumes that there is evidence against."
Dawkins denies that evidence against evolution exists -- where have we heard this before? -- but then extends an invitation: "Go into the lab!" he says. "Publish in the scientific journals!" he says.

It's funny how similar his tactics are to Darwin apologist Eugenie Scott's: Deny that evidence against evolution exists, then when scientists do lab work and publish papers in journals, deny that they exist and cover it up as fast as you can.

It's no wonder that staunch evolution supporters like Dawkins are now trying to discount the overwhelming public support for teaching the controversy.