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Texas Story Evolves: First It Was "Critics of Evolution Defeated!"; Now It's "The Sky Is Falling!"

It was as predictable as soggy weather in Seattle in November. First, reporters insisted that the Texas State Board of Education dealt a body blow to supporters of the critical analysis of evolution by dropping language in their existing science standards that call on students to examine the "strengths and weaknesses" of scientific theories. Of course, these same reporters neglected to inform the public that the Board also passed several amendments to the evolution standards requiring students to "analyze and evaluate" the main concepts of evolution such as common ancestry, natural selection, and mutations. Once evolutionists began to complain about some of the changes to the evolution standards, the reporters apparently changed their mind. Now the Texas story is quickly evolving into "The Sky Is Falling!" Alas, the media's newest spin is just as inaccurate as the first--and just as banal.