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Surprise of the Week: New York Times Gets the Real Story on Texas Evolution Standards

Kudos to the New York Times for filing a story on the actions of the Texas State Board of Education that actually describes what happened last week. Unlike much of the rest of the newsmedia, the Times doesn't tell only half of what happened or play up the hysterics. The story's even-handed title is telling: "Split Outcome in Texas Battle on Teaching of Evolution."

Of course, being the Times, pro-Darwin bias does creep in at points, most egregiously in the ludicrous "definition" offered of intelligent design ("the notion of a divine hand guiding creation"). It used to be common courtesy for reporters to allow supporters of an idea to explain what they mean by it rather than rely on an opponent's caricature of the idea. No more. Readers who want to know the real definition of intelligent design can go here.