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Dr. Charles Garner and Other Experts Shatter the Darwinist Illusion that "Theories Don't Have Weaknesses"

AUSTIN, TX--One of the more bizarre talking points we've been hearing from Texas Darwinists today is the claim that "theories don't have weaknesses." According to them, if we call evolution as a "theory," then by definition it can't have weaknesses. This isn't unusual: Darwinists often like to define terms such that they win the argument by definitional fiat. Some scientists who testified today in Texas, however, saw through the Darwinists' rhetorical tactic.

Dr. Charles Garner, who holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from University of Colorado, Boulder and is now a Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Baylor University. He's been a scientist for a long time and is familiar with the field. How did he respond to the bizarre claim that scientific theories "don't have weaknesses"? Here's what Dr. Garner said: "the idea that theories don't have weaknesses is a recent invention of these TEKS hearing. I had never heard in all my scientific training that theories don't have weaknesses until November."

Likewise, Stephen C. Meyer testified "By the way, those who say that theories don't have weaknesses are forgetting their history of science. Ever heard of phlogiston theory or geocentrism or geosynclinal theory? Or even Newton's theory of universal gravitation? All these ideas were considered theories in their heyday, and are now known to have serious weaknesses."

Hopefully the Darwinists will make better arguments than personal attacks on Dr. Meyer and talking-points like "theories don't have weaknesses."