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Judge Jones and His Groupies

Earlier this month, the peer-reviewed science journal PloS Genetics published its latest earth-shaking contribution to the field of genetics: a personal interview with none other than Judge John Jones of Kitzmiller v. Dover fame. The interview was conducted by Jane Gitschier of the Institute for Human Genetics at the University of California San Francisco, who gushes over the Judge like a school-girl with a crush on her teacher. The non-scientist might be forgiven for thinking that a journal bearing a name like PLoS Genetics would restrict its articles to, well, genetics... or at least, to biology... or at the very least, to science. Not to worry! If the article extols Judge Jones, a lack of scientific content apparently is no detriment. Indeed, a lack of any substantive content apparently is no detriment.

Dr. Gitschier is positively giddy when she meets the Judge, telling him:

I am very excited to meet you.

Her questions include such deep and probing queries as:

I'd like to deal with some of the legal stuff I don't understand. Kitzmiller was a suit. What does that mean?

Then there is the not-to-be-missed repartee between interviewer and interviewee:

Jones: ...If you poll in the US today, you'll find that approximately half of our fellow citizens believe in creationism and think that creationism ought to [sic] taught.

Gitschier: I had no idea!

Jones: Believe me.

Believe me, most people probably "had no idea" that this is the sort of stuff that appears in peer-reviewed biology journals these days. As I've said many times before, it really is hard to lampoon the Darwinists. They do it so magnificently themselves.