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What does being president have to do with how we teach evolution?

In light of the recent focus on the presidential election, and speculation on Sara Palin's views on teaching evolution, it is worth thinking about what a President's role in this issue should be. Last year, Logan Gage laid out the case for a limited but important Presidential role regarding contentious scientific issues like evolution.

I'm curious, is there anyone on the stage that does not believe in evolution?" came the question at the first Republican presidential debate. Much has been made of the fact that three candidates raised their hands. The candidates were not allowed to elaborate, but what should they have said had they more time?
But the question still arises, what does all this have to do with being president? Though he is not commander in science, the president can create an atmosphere of openness, freedom and honest dialog on this culturally hot subject. Many Americans are increasingly alarmed at the intolerance in this discussion at government and government-funded institutions.

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