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Royal Society on Creationism vs. Evolution: "No Comment"

If you watch baseball then you are probably familiar with the time-honored tradition of a team president or general manager expressing on Tuesday night after a game how they stand 100% behind the manager, who is summarily fired on Wednesday morning. Such statements of support are almost always a signal that the end is near for a team's manager.

Consider this statement in The Times last Friday, reportedly issued by the Royal Society in the wake of Prof. Michael Reiss, a biologist and the Society's director of education, suggesting discussion of creationism in science classes to explain how it isn't science, but Darwinian evolution is.

"A spokesman for the organisation, which counts 21 Nobel Prize winners among its Fellows, confirmed yesterday that Professor Reiss's views did represent that of its president, Lord Rees of Ludlow, and the society."
Today, the BBC reports that "'Creationism' biologist quits job".

Now you can't even mention creationism to say it isn't science. It's as if the idea itself doesn't exist. As far as the Royal Society is concerned, if a student asks a question about creationism, the answer is, "No comment."