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Darwin Day in America Favorably Reviewed in New Oxford Review

Darwin Day in America, by John West, has garnered praise and driven Darwinists crazy with it's overwhelming preponderance of evidence showing that Darwinian biology and reductionist science have been used to degrade American culture over the past century through their impact on criminal justice, welfare, business, education, and bioethics.

It is in the area of eugenics that West has really exposed the devastating -- and dehumanizing -- consequence of Darwin's evolutionary ideas. A new review of DDA in the New Oxford Review gives a good overview of the book, but examines most closely the portions dealing with eugenics.

Writes reviewer Anne Barbeau Gardiner:

Scholars today place the blame for the eugenics debacle on politicians, but West finds it more accurate to describe the movement as "an effort by scientists to dictate government social policy based on their presumed scientific expertise." This was the first time they used science "to expand the power of the state over social matters."
She goes on to point out that:
Darwin Day in America is a thoroughly documented book (with almost 100 pages of endnotes) written in an easy, fluent style.
Definitely a reivew, and book, worth reading, showing yet again that ideas do have consequences.