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Argument for Design Is International: India's Economic Times Columnist Considers the Cosmology

What many people observing the debate over intelligent design and evolution don't get is that intelligent design is not merely an American phenomenon. As the debate continues in every corner of the globe, design proves to be an interesting and legitimately explorable scientific concept.

Take the latest from today's Economic Times, out of India. Columnist Mukul Sharma notes writes in "Design argument and beyond":

One of the core arguments of Intelligent Design is that the fundamental constants of physics and chemistry are just right or fine-tuned to allow the universe and life as we know it to exist. They are precisely the values needed to have a universe capable of producing life.

In other words, everything in the cosmos tends toward humans, toward making life possible and sustaining it. It refutes the evolutionary biologists' claim that we are the product of mere chance, because the universe is not so random after all; it has a beginning and was designed for human beings.

Sharma goes on to summarize the argument for design in cosmology, responding to critics of ID and, what's more, showing the questions that evolution doesn't answer. The level-headed thoughtfulness he brings to the debate makes it well worth reading.