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Intelligent Design Website and Blogroll Update

There are literally dozens and dozens of pro-ID websites and blogs on the internet. Every once in a while, I like to highlight the ones that I visit either on a regular or occasional basis. I'm sure there are other good ones, so if you have any suggestions please send them to me at In no particular order, here's the list:

    The ideal gateway for learning about intelligent design

  • International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design

  • Access Research Network

  • Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Network

  • Mike Gene's

  • Intelligent Design the Future Podcast

  • Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Center

  • William Dembski's

  • Intelligent Design Network

  • and don't miss Intelligent Design Network Australia

  • Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture

  • Evolution News & Views (ENV)

  • Uncommon Descent (the weblog of William Dembski, Denyse O'Leary, and friends)

  • Telic Thoughts (the blog of Mike Gene and others)

  • Access Research Network (ARN)

  • ARN's The ID Update blog

  • ARN's Literature Update blog

  • Academic Freedom Blog

  • The British Centre for Science Education: Revealed

  • CreationEvolutionDesign

  • Darwinian Fundamentalism

  • Darwiniana

  • Evolution Oriented

  • Exiled from Groggs

  • ID in the United Kingdom

  • IDScience

  • ID Plus (Peter S. Williams)

  • Intelligent Design and Evolution

  • Intelligent Reasoning

  • Intelligently Sequenced

  • Mindful Hack (Denyse O'Leary)

  • Design Watch

  • Overwhelming Evidence

  • Post-Darwinist (Denyse O'Leary)

  • Reasonable Kansans

  • Teleological Blog

  • The Design Matrix (Mike Gene)

  • Truth in Science

  • Wittingshire

    Non-English Pro-ID Websites:

  • Ciencia Alternativa's Blog

  • ID in Finland

  • ID in Denmark

  • Progetto Cosmo (Italy)

  • Desafiando a Nomenklatura Científica (Brazil)

  • ID in Korea