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Evolutionists Fear Academic Freedom; We Celebrate Courage

Floyd & Mary Beth Brown at Townhall.com understand what really happened in Louisiana when Gov. Jindal signed the LSEA, calling it "an important blow for academic freedom." Their news analysis piece, "Evolutionists Fear Academic Freedom," gets it right: academic freedom is a common-sense approach with bipartisan support, evolutionists are truly afraid of the scientific challenges to Darwinism that critical thinking might lead to, and the mainstream media (in this case, the New York Times in an editorial) works to discredit Darwin skeptics and apply national political pressure on local and regional decision-makers:

One would think legislation which allows an environment that promotes "critical thinking" and "objective discussion" in the classroom would please everyone -- it did the bipartisan group of legislators in Louisiana -- but such is not the case. The New York Times felt threatened by the legislation, calling it "retrograde," naming its editorial on the topic, "Louisiana's Latest Assault on Darwin." They were attempting to pressure Gov. Jindal to not sign the law, using a number of tactics including implicit ridicule, subtle belittling insults and untruths.

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