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Behe Reviews Miller's Latest Book, Only a Theory

Michael Behe has a brief review of Ken Miller's new book up at his Amazon blog:

Kenneth R. Miller, a professor of biology at Brown University, has written a new book Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul, in which he defends Darwinism, attacks intelligent design, and makes a case for theistic evolution (defined as something like "God used Darwinian evolution to make life"). In all this, it's pretty much a re-run of his previous book published over a decade ago, Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground between God and Evolution. So if you read that book, you'll have a very good idea of what 90% of the new book concerns. For people who think that a mousetrap is not irreducibly complex because parts of it can be used as a paperweight or tie clip, and so would be easy to evolve by chance, Miller is their man. Despite the doubts of many -- perhaps most -- evolutionary biologists of the power of the Darwinian mechanism, to Miller's easy imagination evolving any complex system by chance plus selection is a piece of cake, and intermediates are to be found behind every door. A purer devotee of Darwinian wishful thinking would be hard to find.

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