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Cross Examining Darwin's Theory of Evolution in the Classroom and the Courtroom

A new six part series of interviews has popped up on Youtube featuring attorney Ed Sisson. Sisson you may remember was a key player in the Kansas state board of education's hearings on science standards in 2005. He also happens to have been Dr. Caroline Crocker's pro-bono attorney when she was ousted from George Mason University for teaching some of the scientific evidence that challenges Darwinian evolution. So, he knows a bit about academic freedom and free open scientific inquiry. The main thrust in this interview is Sisson's contention that Darwinian evolution should be open to scrutiny, both in the classroom and the courtroom.

Sisson wrote to tell us about the video:

"Although I gave the talk two years ago, it only occurred to me in April, 2008, to do the edit (thank you Apple iMovie '08) and post it on-line, as a way of contributing to the success of the pending academic freedom bills in several states, and also to develop the idea of hearings and cross-examination. And in light of the fact that both Senator Clinton and Senator McCain voted for the pro-ID 'Santorum Amendment' back in 2001 (Senator Obama was not in office then), my video also raises timely issues for the Presidential campaign."

Here is part one of the series, all six parts of which are available at Youtube.

A series well worth checking out. You can watch a higher quality uncut
version here.