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Are Florida's House Republicans Trying to Sabotage Evolution Academic Freedom Bill?

Florida citizens who support academic freedom legislation on evolution might want to ask some tough questions of House Republican leaders in their state. Rather than pass an academic freedom bill previously adopted by the state Senate, the Florida House earlier this week adopted its own seemingly tougher measure that would actually require critical analysis of evolution. But wait: the Florida Senate had previously rejected the House approach, and with only a week left in the legislative session, Florida House members had to know that it would be extremely difficult to hammer out a new bill that could pass both houses within the remaining time. If the Florida legislature adjourns without passing an evolution academic freedom bill--after both legislative chambers previously approved bills on the topic by strong margins--Florida's House Republican leadership will need to explain why they allowed academic freedom for Florida teachers to be sabotaged. I hope I'm wrong, but it's beginning to look like someone in the Florida House leadership is intentionally trying to kill the academic freedom bill. If so, that's outrageous, and I hope concerned citizens in Florida will demand some answers.