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Academic Freedom Fight Highlighted by Wall Street Journal

Today's Wall Street Journal is running an article about the growing battle over academic freedom on evolution. For the establishment media, the article is pretty standard-issue--which means it's fairly shallow, conflates lots of things, and is written almost entirely from the Darwinists' point of view. But the fact that the Journal is highlighting this issue at all shows how the academic freedom issue may be reaching a level that is hard to ignore. A couple of the specific problems of the Journal piece: In the article proper, the reporter doesn't allow us to respond to the phony claim that there are no scientific criticisms of Darwinism, although we were allowed to briefly make our points in an internet-only graphic (to which the National Center for Science Education was given a lot more space to respond). And the reporter--as is typical--substitutes her own tendentious definition of intelligent design for the one ID proponents actually use. A reminder: If you want to show your support for genuine academic freedom on evolution, go to www.academicfreedompetition.com and sign the petition, and then take your friends to see Expelled!