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The Historians against the Darwinists

David Klinghoffer nails the Darwinists' noisome effort to deny Darwinism's influence on Nazi ideology in today's National Review Online. He knocks down the straw man arguments they employ--the pretense that the film is mainly or even substantially about this topic, or that the film blames the bulk of the Nazi enterprise on Darwin or that the film calls today's Darwinists Nazis. But mainly he simply marshals the historians. (The very best current history, of course, is Darwin to Hitler, by Richard Weikart of Cal State.)

It is appalling to see a snarling movie review like that of Stephen Whitty of Newhouse News Service today. He seems he didn't bother to see the film. He writes sarcastically that he "thought evolution had something to do with the Galapagos and 'Inherit the Wind'." The Galapagos, of course, may demonstrate micro-evolution, which no one questions and therefore is irrelevant, and 'Inherit the Wind,' Mr. Whitty, is a fictional film! If that is where movie reviewers get their history, no wonder the culture is such crumby shape