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The Divine Comedy: Dawkins' Disco Inferno

Richard Dawkins has got himself in a bit of a pickle and, in an effort to wash off the brine, now appears to be in a bit of a lather. In an op-ed this morning in the L.A. Times (see here), he is at pains to distance himself from remarks he made in the newly released movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Toward the end of the film, in an interview with Ben Stein at the British Museum, Dawkins confesses he has no idea how life originated on earth -- nor does anyone, he admits -- but, as Nobel laureate Francis Crick once theorized, it could well be explained by having been seeded here by an alien intelligence. Of course, he demurs with great gravity, this alien race would itself have evolved elsewhere in the universe by Darwinian means.

In other words, Dawkins recognizes that blind evolutionary processes seem an insufficient explanation for how life originated on earth -- no one knows how it could have happened and intelligent design is a real possibility -- but miraculously enough, he asserts, elsewhere in the universe under conditions we have no access to and can't really imagine, blind evolutionary forces are completely sufficient to the task! After all, we have to terminate the regress somehow and we can't possibly terminate it with God.

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