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Michigan Becomes Fifth State to Introduce Evolution Academic Freedom Bill

An Evolution Academic Freedom Bill (HB 6027) was introduced today in Michigan by Rep. John Moolenaar. The bill is similar to academic freedom legislation introduce in several other states earlier this year and, if enacted, will provide public school teachers with academic freedom to present both the scientific evidence for and against Darwinian evolution.

"Often in this debate the issues at hand get misrepresented, and so our goal is to fully and straightforwardly explain that this is about science and helping prepare the best scientists of the future for our state and for our country," said Rep. Moolenaar. "And a big part of that is enabling them to have the academic freedom to explore and critically examine scientific theories."

Discovery Institute has long supported academic freedom for teachers and scientists to explore and explain the strengths and weaknesses of Darwin's theory of evolution.

"In many states public school teachers, students, and even college professors have faced intimidation and retaliation when they attempt to discuss scientific criticisms of Darwinian evolution," said biologist Jonathan Wells, a research scientist at the Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture who holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. "In educational institutions that receive taxpayer support, it is entirely appropriate for the government to ensure that teachers and students have the right to discuss freely the evidence and scientific arguments for and against evolutionary theory."