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Methodists Nail Darwinian Nazi Record, Repent U.S. Past, Warn About 21st Century Eugenics

The quadrennial international convention of the Methodist Church, meeting in Fort Worth, today adopted an historic and detailed resolution deploring the legacy of Darwinian eugenics that saw its 20th century extreme expression in the theories of Adolf Hitler.

Yes, that would be the Nazi ideology that the Darwinists of today--and major media--pretend sprang on the world fresh from the head of Hitler, wholly unconnected to the history of Darwin's theory, Francis Galton and Ernst Haeckel. For the ten minutes it spent on this topic, the current film Expelled, starring Ben Stein, has been the target of unstinting left wing media attack and revisionist history.

The Methodists' resolution--adopted by a vote of 836 to 28--apologizes for the denomination's own failure to resist the eugenics movement in this country in the 20th century. They were not alone, as John West explains in Darwin Day in America. But no other mainline Protestant denomination has yet had the courage to admit to the racism of Darwinist eugenics and the supine attitude that leading American religious leaders, as well as the scientific establishment, adopted towards it.

Perhaps most importantly, the Methodists warn of the danger of eugenics in our own time. This is a significant development in an era of growing and cavalier genetic experimentation. The Methodists are the third largest religious denomination in America and a major force internationally. Their voice matters.

I can't wait to see Cornelia Dean explain the Methodists' concerns in The New York Times. Will the Anti-Defamation League rebuke the Methodists for daring to mention the historic link between Darwinism and Hitler? Will Richard Dawkins be quoted calling the resolution "outrageous"? Will MSNBC and other major media that have smeared Ben Stein and Expelled call Stein and his colleagues for their reaction? Or--this being an increasingly sensitive, revealing and inconvenient subject for America's modern social engineers--will they try to ignore it and hope nobody notices?

The trouble for them is that plenty of people are noticing. The issue is diverse and complex--and consequential.

Click here for full text of the resolution, "An Apology for Support of Eugenics."