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David Berlinski on The Scientific Embrace of Atheism

David Berlinski has a piece up at Pajamas Media today about the scientific pretensions of today's leading atheist, who, it turns out, include many of today's leading scientists. Why is that, wonders Berlinski?

It is curious that so many scientists should have recently embraced atheism. The great physical scientists -- Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Clerk Maxwell, Albert Einstein -- were either men of religious commitment or religious sensibility.

The distinguished physicist Steven Weinberg has acknowledged that this is what the great scientists believed: But we know better, he has insisted, because we know more. This prompts the obvious question: Just what have scientists learned that might persuade the rest of us that they know better? It is not, presumably, the chemistry of Boron salts that has done the heavy lifting.

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