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Bring Expelled to a Theater Near You

Expelled continues to generate buzz. Earlier today, Ben Stein spoke in support of the Academic Freedom Act introduced this week in the MIssouri state legislature, and both he and the film were praised by Governor Blunt. With all the academic freedom issues coming to a boil the film is receiving more attention than ever.

grouptix.png We get a lot of e-mail asking how people can find out if Expelled will be showing in their local theater. Well, here's where to check. The Expelled website features a theater locator which will tell you the theater closest to you that will be screening the film when it opens on April 18th.

If you don't find a theater near you in the list generated from the locator, or you know of a particular theater that you'd like to see carry the film but currently isn't on that list, here's what to do.

CALL YOUR THEATER. BUY GROUP TICKETS. RENT A THEATER. Help us make sure that Expelled has a great opening weekend by buying tickets ahead of time. Youth groups, companies, schools, churches, any organization can buy group tickets, or even by out an entire screening. Here's How 1. Identify your local movie theater's corporate affiliation (Regal, AMC, Cinemark, etc.) by looking in the newspaper for their ads. 2. Call the corporate headquarters (see the list below) and tell them to book EXPELLED at your local theater (give them your state and home town.) 3. Visit www.expelledthemovie.com and download a free poster. 4.Call or stop by your local theater and ask for the manager. Tell him that your school, church, or organization wants to see EXPELLED. Ask about group rates and/or renting the theater for a night. Leave a note with the EXPELLED poster. We will contact you: Leave a message on our Group Sales Hotline at: 800-705-0485, send an email to groupsales@getexpelled.com.

Please forward this email to friends and contacts!

  • AMC (800) 262-4849
  • Malco Theatres (AK, MS, KT, MO) (866) 528-1589
  • Carmike Cinemas (706) 576-3400
  • Malco Theatres (Memphis) (901) 761-3480
  • Century Theatres (415) 448-8422
  • Mann Theatres (818) 380-8212
  • Cinemark (800)CINEMARK
  • Mescop Theatres (715) 362-2800
  • Classic Cinemas (630) 968-1600 x116
  • MJR Theatres (248) 548-8282
  • Cleveland Cinemas (440) 349-3306
  • Muvico Theatres (954) 564-6550 x1284
  • Drexel Theatres Group (614) 222-0947
  • Rave Motion Pictures (972) 692-1700
  • Easter Federal (800) 394-7368 x328
  • Regal Cinemas/Edwards/UA (800) 792-8244
  • GKC Theatres (217) 528-4981 x107
  • Rouman Cinemas (715) 362-2800
  • Harkins Theatres (480) 627-7777
  • Santikos Theatres (210) 496-1300 x12
  • Kerasotes Theatres (217) 788-5200
  • Star Theatres (608) 326-5449
  • Krikorian Theatres (866) 250-2320
  • UltraStar Cinemas (760) 597-5777 x14
  • Lone Star Theatres (512) 353-7077