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Biologic Institute


The Center for Science and Culture supports Biologic Institute, a research lab opening new frontiers for scientific discovery. Biologic Institute demonstrates the value of intelligent design for the practice of biological science and tests specific empirical claims of neo-Darwinism, intelligent design, and other theories of biological origin.

Building off of the theoretical work of the scientists and researchers before them, scientists at Biologic Institute have been quietly and patiently working in the laboratory to test the predictions of intelligent design.

Heading up this team is Biologic Director and former Cambridge University research scientist Douglas Axe, whose work has appeared in journals like Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Journal of Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry, and has been reviewed in Nature.

Senior scientists at Biologic include Dr. Axe, evolutionary biologist Dr. Richard Sternberg, and Dr. Ann Gauger, a former post-doctoral fellow at Harvard and recipient of both a National Science Foundation pre-doctoral fellowship and an American Cancer Society post-doctoral fellowship.