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Berlinski and The Devil's Delusion on C-SPAN this Weekend

Last week CSC senior fellow David Berlinski gave a presentation based on his new book The Devil's Delusion in the Discovery Institute Washington DC offices. C-SPAN's Booknotes was there and will broadcast the event at least twice this weekend, so set your DVRs for Saturday at 11pm EDT / 8PM PDT.

From C-SPANs website:

The Devil's Delusion: Atheism And Its Scientific Pretensions
Author: David Berlinski
Upcoming Schedule
Saturday, April 5, at 11:00 PM
Sunday, April 6, at 6:30 AM
About the Program
David Berlinski, teacher and author of books on mathematics, challenges the fields of science and atheist thought by arguing that science has not been able to prove the inexistence of a God nor explain the start of the universe. This event was hosted by the Discovery Institute in Washington, D.C.
About the Author
David Berlinski is the author of several books, including "A Tour of Calculus," and "Newton's Gift." A former fellow at the Institute for Applied System Analysis, Mr. Berlinksi is currently a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute.