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The World According to Ben Stein

Minnesota Public Radio just posted online an hourlong program featuring actor, comedian, speechwriter, economist and historian Ben Stein. It's a delightfully funny interview. Stein is at his best when allowed to tell funny stories that are always quite insightful. One of the best such anecdotes is about his recent stint on VH1's America's Most Smartest Model and his opinion that there's an education crisis today and it's not the fault of teachers, but rather the fault of students themselves (about 10 minutes in).

It's a wide ranging discussion, including Q&A at the end, and only briefly touches on Stein's involvement in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (about 46:00 minutes in).

If an hour seems overly long, it isn't You'll quickly get caught up in his story telling and before you know it the hour has flown by.

If that's too daunting for you, there's another option. For a less intellectual -- but no less funny or insightful -- interview, you can check out Stein's recent appearance on his old sidekick Jimmy Kimmel's late night show.