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Salvo Magazine Issue on Intelligent Design

Salvo magazine's latest issue is out just this week and it's almost entirely focused on ID.

James Kushiner, publisher of Touchstone Magazine, opens the issue by asking, Are these really the last days of Darwin? and suggesting that readers let the evidence speak and then decide for themselves.

The magazine has a number of excellent articles pertaining to all the different aspects of the debate over intelligent design, penned by a veritable who's who of intelligent design scientists and scholars, including: Michael Behe, John Bloom, Raymond Bohlin, Larry Caldwell, Seth Cooper, Caroline Crocker, William Dembski, Michael Egnor, Logan Paul Gage, Guillermo Gonzalez, Phillip Johnson, Casey Luskin, Angus Menuge, Stephen Meyer, Paul Nelson, Denyse O'Leary, Jay Richards, Ralph Seelke, Geoffrey Simmons, Jonathan Wells, Benjamin Wiker, Jonathan Witt, and Heather Zeiger.

A few articles are sampled on Salvo's website:

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