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Book Review: The evolution of Darwin's bad influence

Seattle Times editorial writer Bruce Ramsey has a short review of John West's Darwin Day in America in today's paper.

John G. West, who disbelieves in Darwinism, has written a book on its bad cultural consequences, from eugenics to permissive sex education. West's opponents will not read it, because he is a fellow of the Discovery Institute, the Seattle think tank that has championed Intelligent Design. And that is too bad, because even those who believe in Darwin's theory of evolution, as I do, can concede that some things done in its name have been less than pleasing.
Though himself a Darwinist, Ramsey clearly understands the value of civil debate and free and open inquiry. He concludes:
West offers a strong argument, some of which may be appreciated by those who are ultimately against him.
Indeed. Read the whole thing at the Times' site here.