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Attacks on Intelligent Design Enabled by Biased Media

The issue of how to teach evolution in Florida has almost nothing to do with intelligent design. Indeed, the proposed standards are not recommending intelligent design. Instead, they seek to include evolution, thankfully. Students need to learn more about evolution, not less, which has always been our position. Unfortunately, the draft Florida standards don't call for teaching students the full story about evolution, which is a shame. The best solution to that problem would be to add more about the scientific weaknesses of evolution, not mandate intelligent design. Never mind, that hasn't kept Darwinists from trying to make intelligent design an issue.

Still, it is interesting that intelligent design even comes up in Florida. But it does.

Here is a letter attacking intelligent design and promoting evolution. Really there was no need to attack intelligent design. No one has proposed including those two words in the state's science standards. There is no legislation or initiative or serious proposal to mandate the teaching of intelligent design.

Apparently the letter writer, Rep. Dan Gelber, hasn''t read a major newspaper in America since 2005. If he had, he would have known that mentioning intelligent design supposedly has been outlawed (at least in the middle district of Pennsylvania). No matter, he is granted a whopping 393 words to make his case. That's a full 143 words more than is allowed letter writers by the newspaper's own guidelines. The Palm Beach Post claims it doesn't print letters of more than 250 words, but they printed this one. About an issue that isn't even being seriously proposed.

Again, there is no proposal to teach intelligent design. But they published a long letter refuting the non-existent threat, anyhow.

Me thinks the local paper dost protest too much.