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Two years ago this month, defenders of Darwinian evolution gleefully pronounced the death of the scientific theory of intelligent design because of a court ruling by an activist federal judge in Pennsylvania. But if Darwinists truly think intelligent design is dead, why are they continuing to spend so much time trying to kill it?

As a regular Evolution News & Views visitor, you have been continually informed of the ways in which leading Darwinists have unleashed an unprecedented wave of persecution, propaganda, and paranoia in an effort to strangle an idea that they insist is already dead.

Fortunately, America still thrives on the free exchange of ideas--despite Darwinists' best efforts to stifle open discussion. That's why the Center for Science and Culture exists at Discovery Institute--to support the hard work of scientists and scholars who are bringing the Darwin vs. design debate out into the open in science, in academia, in the media, and in the public arena. Recognized by the science journal Nature as "the nation's leading intelligent design think tank," we have been credited by The New York Times for having "transformed the debate [over evolution] into an issue of academic freedom."

One of the myths promoted by the our critics is that we are somehow lavishly funded. Unlike Darwinists, however, we receive no tax dollars to support our research and education efforts on intelligent design. As a result, our budget is dwarfed many times over by our opponents. Just one small biology department at a mid-size college has an annual budget several times larger than the CSC's. Think about how many such departments there are, not to mention the huge biological science establishment at major research universities -- most of which are dominated by very dogmatic, intolerant Darwinists.

That's why we need your help. It is only through the generous support of private donors that we can continue to provide:

  • scientific research and publications that meet the Darwinists on their own turf, forcing them to respond to the growing scientific evidence for design;
  • training for top graduate students in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities through our summer mentoring program;
  • this online news service (Evolution News & Views), which has received over 2.25 million page views in 2007;
  • our internet radio show ID the Future, publicizing information censored by the establishment media, and which has over 25,000 subscribers.; and,
  • practical help for teachers, scientists, and students who are facing indoctrination or persecution at their schools or colleges.
We'll be honest: It can be wearying standing for truth on this issue. Your help right now would show the scientists and educators that we support that they are not alone in this battle, and would be gratefully appreciated. Please take a moment right now to donate online and help support our work on academic freedom.