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Behe Writes Again

Proving once again that he's not one to take things lying down, Michael Behe is posting a new series of responses over at his Amazon blog.

This response is different from the others he's been posting. As Behe explains In his introductory post from Friday, available here:

This series of posts (besides this intro, there will be five posts over the next week) will be different. Here I will address a post on the blog The Panda's Thumb by a man named Ian Musgrave. Musgrave, a professor at the University of Adelaide, wrote "An Open Letter to Dr. Michael Behe", in which he questioned my earlier reply to a woman named Abbie Smith, who is a graduate student working on HIV. Musgrave asserts that my response to her was scientifically inadequate and uncivil. I disagree strongly on both counts.

The first post of the actual response went up today -- look for more updates as the week continues.