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Who Is Politicizing Science?: Gage on Clinton

This week's Human Events features a piece by Logan Gage which addresses, among other things, Hillary Clinton's unsurprising take on evolution:

Following liberal science writer Chris Mooney's successful book "The Republican War on Science," Clinton repeatedly lumps these issues together using the "war" metaphor. "Mrs. Clinton has used the phrase 'war on science' frequently on the campaign trail, and it has reliably drawn applause from Democratic audiences," according to The New York Times. Her website declares she will "end the Bush Administration's war on science."

But who is really politicizing science? In February 2008, comedian, economist, and actor Ben Stein will release a feature-length documentary film titled "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed." It chronicles the many scientists who have been harassed and denied tenure by their colleagues, despite overwhelming scientific credentials, because they either dissent from Darwinism or the larger worldview of materialism.

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