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Thank You, Dr. Watson: Truth about Eugenics and Darwinism Now Becoming Unavoidable

The mainstream media in the United States--and some of the conservative press, for that matter--are loathe to own up to the racist and anti-Semitic history, and the anti-individual rights posture, of applied Darwinism. They want people to think that eugenics is not really traceable to Darwin, or to think that if some (many) of Darwin's kin undeniably were leading early eugenicists, there no longer is support for their kinds of ideas among today's Darwinists.

So thank you, Johnjoe McFadden, professor of genetics at the University of Surrey, for using the current flap over the views of Dr. James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA, to set the record straight. And congratulations to The Guardian for printing the McFadden article.

The eugenics movement never died out. It has many contemporary variants and highly praised elite proponents--who, not surprisingly, are opposed to any scientists who challenge Darwin's theory and want them drummed out of academia.

Read about it in John West's new book, Darwin Day in America, coming out from ISI Press in three weeks. The book is authoritative and detailed. And the details are sobering and scary.