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Have You Ever Been Expelled?

It's worth remembering that the struggle for academic freedom is not limited to professors being denied tenure or government scientists facing persecution. It extends to college and high school classrooms, affecting students as well as teachers.

Now the people behind "Expelled" have launched a new feature at their website to expose the depth and breadth of this campaign to deny academic freedom to Darwin-doubters:

Ever sat in class and had your professor straight up challenge your intelligence for suggesting even the possibility of an intelligent design in the universe?

Tired of being labeled merely for questioning aspects of the Darwinian theory of evolution?? Ever been scoffed at or ridiculed in front of your peers?

Well, here's your opportunity to tell your story on our Website AND possibly be in the movie, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed"! Tell the world some of the outrageous things your professors say about your questions.

You and your story just might be chosen by our producers to be in the film, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed"! Let your voice be heard!

If you've ever been expelled for questioning Darwin, consider sharing your story in writing, audio, or video, and let the truth be told.