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Behe to Miller: You're an Intelligent Design
Proponent Like Me

Micheal Behe has a three-part post titled Kenneth R. Miller and the Problem of Evil (part 1, part 2, part 3)on his Amazon author's page in which he makes a pretty bold assertion about one of his loudest critics:

Kenneth Miller is an intelligent design proponent.
Behe is serious, adding that "with respect to design, he and I differ only on degree, not on principle."

Behe's posts come as a response to a second, needless to say negative, review of his new book The Edge of Evolution by Miller in the Catholic magazine Commonweal.

Despite Darwinist's efforts to affect a sort of crib death by attacking the book relentlessly, The Edge of Evolution is doing well in terms of sales to those interested in science:
#1 in Books > Professional & Technical > Engineering > Bioengineering > Biochemistry
#2 in Books > Science > Evolution > Organic
#3 in Books > Science > Agricultural Sciences > Biochemistry