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Op-ed in Waco Paper Highlights Baylor Univeristy Censorship of Intelligent Design Website

The Waco Tribune Herald today published an op-ed, keeping the spotlight on Baylor University's crusade to stifle research questioning Darwinism or supporting intelligent design.

Aside from the fact that they got both the author and the professor's name wrong (Mark Ramsey is the author, Robert Marks is the professor), the op-ed continues to showcase the censorship used by the Baylor administration to suppress intelligent design.

Baylor University literally has censored a "distinguished instructor" who has been conducting computational studies of what Darwinian evolution can and cannot accomplish.

Gary Marks' Web site was hosted on Baylor servers (as professors are permitted to use). However, after someone objected, Baylor took Marks' Web page down.

Ramsey points out that:
This censorship is based not on poor scholarship or bad data but on a disagreement about the research's conclusions.

The conclusions were not deemed to be particularly favorable to the notion that Darwin was right and no intelligence was required in the creation of the world and everything in it.