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Baylor President Stays Mum on University's Suppression of Intelligent Design

The Baylor student newspaper continues to report on the story of the shut down of distinguished professor Robert Marks' evolutionary informatics website due to aonymous complaints that it was pro-intelligent design. Baylor president John Lilley refused to speak with Expelled filmmakers about the suppression of intelligent design scientists and scholars. Filmmakers had to settle speaking to a public relations reprsentative and the Dean of Marks' school.

"With both of them it was really limited because they have a certain line they are holding, which the issues are all about procedures and not about the content," Mathis said, "and all the information we have seen says that that's not true."

Mathis said the main indication to him about the issue being about content is that Kelley sent an e-mail to Marks saying he had "received several concerned messages" about the Web site.

"With Dean Kelley and Lori Fogleman, it's pretty clear to me that both of them were coached by lawyers to continue saying it's not content but procedure," Mathis said.

Mathis said he asked Kelley and Fogleman several questions about academic freedom and the issue behind Marks' Web site, but he was unable to get a lot of answers.

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