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No News to Report about Texas School Board Stance on Science Education

Dallas Morning NoNews
No News To Report About Texas School Stance on Science Education

Dallas -- In a stunning development there is no news in Texas. There is no news. Nothing to report.

"I don't see any news here," said the board president.

However, another board member said, "The board hasn't created news yet, but just wait there'll be some news eventually."

News was sought across the state, but unable to be found.

"We haven't been making news, I don't see any news now, nor is there any news forthcoming" said one board member.

"I like news," commented another, "but we're not making any."

In the past both President Bush and Governor Perry have made news.

"The news must be there, no matter what they say," said Texas News Monger Network President.

Surprisingly, polls show the public likes news and would like to see more of it.

Four board members were too busy doing their jobs to answer calls about news that wasn't happening.