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Behe Takes on Dawkins

Michael Behe has posted his response to Richard Dawkins' review of The Edge of Evolution on his Amazon blog, and it's worth noting for what it reveals about how Behe differs from many of his critics.

If you've been reading any of Behe's Amazon blog, you understand that Michael Behe is a gentleman. In fact, when TIME Magazine asked him to write a profile on Richard Dawkins for their "TIME 100" issue, he addressed Dawkins while maintaining his characteristic civility and gracious humor.

Now, when Dawkins' own review of Behe did not reciprocate his courtesy, Behe maintains his good manners. Note the first part of his response:

Other Darwinist reviewers have blustered; Dawkins is the only one who has dripped venom. I will pass on replying to that. He makes just two substantive points in his review. (emphasis added)
Behe actually engages Dawkins' arguments, albeit briefly (what else can you do when someone spills their ink writing a diatribe which defers most of the actual argument to someone else?). This is the response of a man who has confidence in his position.