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Science Historian Sees Behe's Edge of Evolution as a Cultural Earthquake

Will the summer of 2007 be remembered for largest Darwin-related cultural earthquake to date? Dr. Thomas Woodward, author of Darwin Strikes Back, thinks it just might.

Beyondthenews.com today published Woodward's review of Behe's The Edge of Evolution. Woodward says the book "is shaping up as a major turning point in the growing controversy between Darwinian evolution and the movement known as Intelligent Design."

Behe's first ID book, Darwin's Black Box, broke new ground in the debate over natural selection, and Woodward sees Edge of Evolution doing the same in regards to random mutations.

For example, Behe asks, where can we draw the line between what random mutations can do in biology and what they cannot do? To his own surprise, new genetic data recently unearthed from the cellular hard drives of humans and microbes led him to "draw the line" much lower on the scale of complexity than where he would have just ten years ago. Random mutations just break things; they don't make things.
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