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Des Moines Register Reveals New Information about Gonzalez Tenure Denial

Today's Des Moines Register has an article highlighting the growing controversy over the denial of tenure to gifted astronomer Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez at Iowa State University (ISU). The story is remarkably fair and accurate as far as it goes, and it reveals that the approval rate for tenure applications in Gonzalez's department over the past ten years has approached 70%! So much for the claim that tenure at ISU is particularly hard to get. Unfortunately, what the article doesn't do is give any information about Dr. Gonzalez's outstanding scholarly record--such as the fact that his work has been recognized in Science, Nature, Scientific American, and many other top science publications; or the fact that he is co-author of a major college astronomy textbook published last year by Cambridge University Press; or the fact that he exceeded by 350% the stated standard for research excellence adopted by his department. For a list of Dr. Gonzalez's extensive peer-reviewed journal articles, click here.