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With Professors Like These...

We've already pointed out how fiction passes for good science at SMU. Apparently, ridicule and disrespect pass for tolerance, as well.

The SMU physics department went to the trouble of housing this fun little site, where they've even compiled a list of news articles referring to the event and pithy responses to ID proponents (i.e., they've resorted to calling us "IDiots").

It's worth the quick glance it takes to see how reactionary these responses are, which may explain how some SMU students, like the anthropology major who wrote in the student newspaper today, have come to think that the Discovery Institute "preaches a religious message masked in a capsule of pseudoscience."

That student went on to accuse Discovery of corrupting science. Such an accusation prompts the question: what is pure science, according to what this student has learned? It seems the answer lies in what you find on this website: Pure and undefiled science according SMU is to ridicule minority viewpoints and show disrespect to your opponents.

Is it any wonder that students brashly display their ignorance of intelligent design when their professors refuse to seriously address the issue?