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Kurt Vonnegut, RIP: A Thoughtful Skeptic of Darwinism

Noted novelist Kurt Vonnegut died on Wednesday at age 84. Although Vonnegut described himself as a secular humanist, last year on NPR he voiced his skepticism of Darwinism. Calling our human bodies "miracles of design," he faulted scientists for "pretending they have the answer as how we got this way when natural selection couldn't possibly have produced such machines." When asked whether this meant he "would favor teaching intelligent design in the classroom," he replied:

If I were a physics teacher or a science teacher, it'd be on my mind all the time as to how the hell we really got this way. It's a perfectly natural human thought and, okay, if you go into the science class you can't think this?

For a transcript of his remarks and further information, see this post by Jonathan Witt from last year.