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Intelligent Design and Peer-review

We often hear Darwinists claim that there are no peer-reviewed science articles that support intelligent design, which clearly is not true. Of course, they also used to say no scientists doubted Darwinian evolution. Back when the PBS mini-series "Evolution" was produced the NCSE's Eugenie Scott proclaimed that "virtually every reputable scientist in the world argues that evolution is good science." So, we produced a list of 100 scientists who doubted Darwinian evolution. That was 2001, and today there are well over 700 who have courageously stepped forward and expressed their professional skepticism about Darwin's theory. Saying you doubt Darwin is dangerous. Such doubts do not go unpunished, just ask Richard Sternberg.

Conducting research on intelligent design and writing about it can be even more damaging, which is one reason that there are so many young research scientists not yet secure enough in their careers to risk such repercussions. Yet, there is a growing number of peer-reviewed articles championing intelligent design. And CSC senior fellow William Dembski has highlighted yet another over at his blog Uncommon Dissent.