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"Good Science" is Fiction?

The Physics Department at SMU criticizes intelligent design as bad science and has a number of invidious things to say about the supposed motivations of ID proponents. In a campus bulletin it then suggests that, in contrast, there will be a "good science" program on Friday--a showing of the film Inherit the Wind! Apparently, they are not joking. The film (and the play that preceded it) is a 1950s-era attack on McCarthyism. The Scopes Trial is roughly a metaphor for anti-communist hysteria. The film as a whole is not history at all, since (for example) it seriously scrambles and exaggerates actual events. A few years ago Ed Larson's award-winning book Summer for the Gods explained the real and very different history. (And you Darwinists can trust Ed; he's a Darwinist, too).

So, if this fictional film is the Physics Department's idea of "good science," that would help explain why the SMU protestors can't think straight about the issues that will be addressed at the Discovery event this weekend.