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AEI hosts Debate on Darwinism & Conservatism

The American Enterprise Institute will hold a conference on Thursday, May 3 (9:00--11:30 a.m.) titled "Darwinism and Conservatism: Friends or Foes?" (go here to register)

Speakers include Discovery Institute Senior Fellows Dr. John West and George Gilder. And opposing them with the thesis that Darwinism and Conservatism are compatible will be National Review's John Derbyshire and Larry Arnhart, political theorist of Northern Illinois University.

Shortly after the event occurs, a video webcast will be available on the AEI site here.

From the Event Description:

There is a growing debate among conservative thinkers and pundits about whether Darwinian theory helps or harms conservatism and its public policy agenda. Some have argued forcefully that Darwin's theory provides support for conservative positions on family life, economics, bioethics, and other issues, while others have countered that the effort to justify conservative policy positions on Darwinian grounds is fundamentally flawed. Does Darwin's theory help defend or undermine traditional morality and family life? Does it encourage or discredit economic freedom? Is it a spur or a brake to utopian schemes to re-engineer human nature?