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Get your tickets for the Dallas Darwin vs Design Conference

A quick update for those who are planning to get tickets for the upcoming Dallas vs. Design conference, April 13-14 at SMU. The easiest way to get tickets is online through the conference website. If you are in Dallas and would like to purchase tickets in person, you can do so at Logos Bookstore, 6620 Snider Plaza, near the SMU campus.

Advance ticket sales will close both in person and online at 5pm CST on Thursday, April 12. If you don't have tickets by then you will have to take your chances at the door, where tickets will be on sale at the time of the event if there are still seats available.

Here's a nifty radio commercial you can listen to that is playing on stations around Dallas throughout this week. And if you're curious about what the conference will be like, you can read a short report on how things went at the Knoxville conference, or listen to a report from the conference coordinator and one of the speakers, Jay Richards, at ID The Future.